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Damian delivered a talk to our team at Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind as part of our Employee Wellness Week in April 2016. In the talk, he explained the sources of modern stress in modern life in all its formats, the effects on the mind, body and lifestyle. He provided solutions and exercises to practice that are simple but very effective. Damian delivers all of this in a way that is engaging and accessible to all. Damian’s talk was one of the most popular talks of the week and the exercises were a popular topic for discussion for weeks afterwards. The feedback from the participants was that the tips and techniques were easy to practice at home and they made a difference to their sleep and overall stress levels almost immediately. I would have no hesitation in recommending Damian as a speaker and instructor.

Caroline Holohan, Senior Human Resources Business Partner at Opentext

I have now been on two of Damian's training courses through work, both were different and highly engaging. I'd recommend Damian to any company who cares about their employees health & wellbeing. He's genuine, asks thought provoking questions and is very good at introducing new ideas with regards to mindfulness. I'll certainly be putting the things that I learnt into practice.

Michael Hewitt, Recruitment Specialist at CPL

The course was fantastic. I was literally hanging on every word that was coming out of Damian's mouth and that is no word of a lie. All of the work examples (from his previous roles in FBD and BT) as a project manager were extremely relevant and I found myself nodding and smiling on numerous occasions (similar scenarios). The 3 hours went extremely fast. Damian was extremely to the point and there was ZERO waffle. Everything was concise + to the point + explained thoroughly.

Feedback from 2019 Leadership Workshop at J.P. Morgan Chase.

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