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Mental Health First Aid

This one-day course is the first step to setting up a mental health first aid framework in your workplace. You will gain an undetstanding of the challenges surrounding mental health at work, how you can support good mental health and fitness, and the do's and don't's of creating a mental health first aid framework. 

Topics Covered:

  • Mental health in context: stereotyping and stigma

  • Understanding stress, anxiety and depression

  • Managing your mental own health

  • Identifying and managing workplace stressors

  • Championing mental health at work

  • Supporting someone in crisis

  • Setting up a mental health first aid framework

Feedback from recent sessions:

"Excellent presenter and topic very well handled" - Longford County Council

"Damian made the content very relatable with his examples and personal experiences" - WBA Technology Solutions

"Damian was great to explain practical tools I can apply with my team" - Engage Hub

workplace mental health training
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