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Creating a bias-free mindset

Nobody benefits from a monoculture in the workplace, but our unconscious biases and misapplication of the concept of 'fit' mean that we limit our ability to innovate, adapt and thrive in increasingly global markets. A managed diversity and inclusion framework will help you drive innovation and productivity, increase morale, attract new talent and make your organisation a more welcoming place to work.

But people don't like being told what to think. Diversity and inclusion courses often come across as preachy and heavy-handed. For this workshop, I show learners how their thinking and worldview are shaped by the news, social media, and the desire to fit in. How we can be manipulated and how to spot it happening, and how to broaden our perspectives about the world. I don't tell them what to think, I provide a toolkit for understanding and evaluating their thinking and attitudes.

Run as a half-day introduction or a one-day workshop, this course will give you the tools to overcome bias and stereotyping at work and implement processes to continuously monitor and improve diversity and inclusion.

Topics Covered

  • What is diversity and inclusion?

  • Explaining bias, stereotyping and discrimination

  • Media effects

  • Unlearning your biases

  • Recognising and correcting micro-behaviours

  • Workplace and personal diversity tools

  • Allyship at work

  • Diversity in recruitment

  • Common issues and solutions

Who should attend

Can be tailored to staff or senior management. Useful for anyone who wants to understand the issues, possibilities and pitfalls around a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Feedback from recent clients

PJ Hegarty Construction:

"Damien delivered an excellent morning which was very relevant and topical"

"Fantastic morning and I have lots more to learn!"

"Great delivery from Damien. Good use of video"

diversity and inclusion training
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