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Diversity and Inclusion

Nobody benefits from a monoculture in the workplace, but our unconscious biases and misapplication of the concept of 'fit' mean that we limit our ability to innovate, adapt and thrive in increasingly global markets. A managed diversity and inclusion framework will help you drive innovation and productivity, increase morale, attract new talent and make your organisation a more welcoming place to work.

Run as a half-day introduction or a one-day workshop, this course will give you the tools to overcome bias and stereotyping at work and implement processes to continuously monitor and improve diversity and inclusion.

Topics Covered:

  • What is diversity and inclusion?

  • Explaining bias, stereotyping and discrimination

  • Unlearning your biases

  • Microbehaviours and their effects

  • Workplace and personal diversity tools

  • Allyship at work

  • Diversity in recruitment

  • Common issues and solutions

Who should attend?

Can be tailored to staff or senior management. Useful for anyone who wants to understand the issues, possibilities and pitfalls around a diverse and inclusive workforce.

diversity and inclusion training
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